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Ultrasonic Peening


Superior Shot Peening is a strategic business alliance partner with SONATS-EMPOWERING TECHNOLOGIES, as a provider of the unique advanced technologies of ultrasonic peening and ultrasonic impact treatment, as well as ultrasonic peening and ultrasonic impact treatment services.

SONATS-EMPOWERING TECHNOLOGIES has been providing fatigue abatement solutions for over 15 years to many industry leaders such as Caterpillar, Alstom Power, Westinghouse Electric, GE Gas Turbines, CFM-GE Aircraft Engines, Pratt & Whitney, MTU Aerospace, DAIMLER, and is recognized as a leader in their field.


Technical Information

Based on the core STRESSONIC® Ultrasonic Peening Technology, SONATS-EMPOWERING TECHNOLOGIES has developed innovative techniques, applications, and equipment:

The Ultrasonic Peening (USP) solution is utilized to improve fatigue life, resistance to stress corrosion cracking (SCC), and fretting fatigue. This is accomplished by propelling balls onto a specific area of the part to be peened via ultrasonic excitation. This process introduces beneficial compressive stresses into the component being treated, at depths of 2 to 4 times that of traditional shot peening, and assures increased fatigue life. When comparing USP to conventional Shot Peening, the main difference is how the media is energized. As opposed to compressed air or centrifugal wheels, USP uses a mechanical vibration at ultrasound frequency (20 kHz). USP is characterized by very high process control, and a resulting higher quality of the peened surface. This is a green process as extremely low power and only a few grams of media are required.

Ultrasonic Impact Treatment, also referred to as Ultrasonic Needle Peening (UNP), also used to impart favorable compressive stresses, but generally is focused on treating welded components. For these applications, impactors that are ultrasonically excited and propelled against the work piece are used instead of the free-flying balls, and are propelled at high frequency against the work piece in a more directionally controlled manner.

The high frequency controlled peening is performed on welds to reduce the notching effects and to introduce compressive stresses in the weld heat affected zone (HAZ). As many of these applications are used on outdoor infrastructure projects, such as bridges, it has a rugged industrial design to resist inclement weather conditions, as well as dust and humidity.

SONATS/ETI designs, manufactures, and sells equipment to apply Ultrasonic Shot Peening or Ultrasonic Needle Peening technologies, ranging from the portable handheld Stress Voyager ® unit to complex multi-axis automated floor or bench mounted systems.

Superior Shot Peening is partnering with SONATS-EMPOWERING TECHNOLOGIES to provide Ultrasonic Shot Peening and Ultrasonic Needle Peening Services in their own shops, the customers’ shops, or in the field.

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