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We Have Superior Benefits

There are many benefits to choosing Superior Shot Peening. Below are just a few.

Attention to Detail from Start to Finish

Superior Shot Peening treats every project as if it were our own. We listen carefully to our customers and consistently provide prompt and quality work. Every one of our completed projects is carefully inspected and documented per ISO-9001.  All of Superior Shot Peening’s facilities have the ISO certification and we are continuing to recertify of facilities every year, to ensure our quality is consistent every time our customers send an order.

A 24-Hour Turnaround

Our shot peening and phosphate coatings average a 24-48 hour turnaround, the fastest turnaround in the industry, without sacrificing quality. In fact, Superior Shot Peening has made its mark by performing hundreds of complex, rush jobs, and has become “home of the 24-hour turnaround with service second to none.”

Worldwide Service

Superior Shot Peening’s on-site crews have worked in many countries around the globe and in thousands of different industries. Our crews frequently perform jobs in Malaysia, China, India, Japan, Pakistan, France and Russia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands as well as throughout the United States.

Because we provide a wide variety of conditioning treatments and protective coatings, Superior Shot Peening can almost always provide the correct solution for your metal-improving needs. If we don’t currently have the right solution, we will refer you to one of our strategic partners that does.

Friendly Service 24/7
Real people answer our phones 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our employees are experienced industry professionals and are happy to provide technical support anytime; day or night. Moreover, the staff at Superior Shot Peening takes the time to know each of our clients and their specific needs, and works hard to ensure that customer satisfaction is always 100%.

On-Site or In-House
We have experienced crews with portable equipment standing ready to perform large-scale operations at your worksite. Typical on-site jobs include work on oil rigs, airplane fuselages, boat hulls and drilling sites. Essentially any of Superior Shot Peening’s services can be offered on-site or in-house.

Experience in Numerous Industries
Superior Shot Peening’s client list includes large-scale companies and hundreds of smaller, independent operators. Many of our highly-skilled and experienced employees, including our on-staff metallurgist and mechanical engineer, have been in the industry for decades and are able to provide technical advice on almost any project worldwide; 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Metallographic Lab
Superior Shot Peening has a complete in-house comprehensive test lab that is permanently staffed to fully analyze critical properties of applied coatings. We ensure that the coating composition and deposition of all thermal sprayed coatings we provide meet the highest standards, ASTM compliant and custom reports are produced to client requirements. This allows for immediate quality checks to ensure the customer of the highest quality.

Third-party verification is also available.

The Superior Shot Peening Advantage









There are many benefits to choosing Superior Shot Peening.

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