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High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF)


HVOF, short for High Velocity Oxygen Fuel thermal spray, is a relatively new coating method that provides high-density, extremely wear-resistant coatings. The special combination of alloys are instantaneously melted, atomized and propelled towards the substrate at incredibly high velocities (supersonic speeds in excess of Mach 12) by a mixture of oxygen and jet-quality fuels. (See Figure 1 below.) The kinetic and thermal energy imparted to the coating-particles cause the coating to be virtually bonded to the substrate. The substrate temperature hardly exceeds 200°F, hence the process does not impart physical defects, stresses or warping to the substrate. In fact, the coating exhibits very low stress, allowing thicker coatings to be applied than with traditional methods.


Technical Information

The HVOF coating procedures creates coatings with significant superiority over typical coatings. HVOF coatings:

  • Are high in density, thickness and hardness.
  • Provide exceptional corrosion-resistance to a wide variety of corrosive environments (acidic, hydrogen-rich, air, salt water, etc.).
  • Hold up incredibly well under to wear, abrasion and extreme heat.
  • Are essentially scratch-proof and will not chip.
  • Have zero porosity (no space between coating particles).
  • Are bound to the substrate at strengths greater that 10,000 or even 12,000 psi (10 times greater than traditional coatings).
  • Are environmentally safe.

HVOF coatings have proven their worth in the most demanding industries and most extreme conditions. Oil and gas industries, jet engines, sewage treatment, aerospace engineering, nuclear facilities, chemical plants, and marine environments are only the few places where HVOF has become an invaluable coating process.

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