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Liquid Coating, High-Bake Phenolic, Epoxy-Phenolic, Fluoropolymers, Xylan


Superior Shot Peening is an experienced applicator of most all liquid coatings. Liquid coatings have been used for well over fifty years in almost every application imaginable from household kitchen-appliances to subsea marine equipment. Superior Shot Peening has access to a wide variety of liquid coatings of various colors and physical properties and can accommodate rush delivery of specialized or unusual coatings. Depending on the coating and its intended use, Superior Shot Peening can apply air-dried or baked-on liquid coatings on-site or in the field.

Liquid coatings have become so sophisticated that one can be found for almost any corrosive environment or any aesthetic purpose. Liquid coatings can be applied to enhance lubricity, for aesthetics, to provide electrical insulation or to improve fluid-flow mechanics.

Below is a list of some of the most common liquid coatings provided by Superior Shot Peening. This small list represents only a handful of the coatings available.

  • ID Protective Coatings (High-Bake Phenolic)
  • Epoxy-Phenolic
  • Fluoropolymers (Xylan, PTFE, PPS, FEP, PVDF, TFE)
  • Zincs
  • Multiple Coat Systems

Technical Information

The phenolics are often used in down-hole applications in the oil and gas industry. They provide a hard, slick finish and can withstand exceptionally high operating temperatures.

Fluoropolymers are applied primarily for lubricity, high-temperature and corrosion resistance; and for their high-load bearing capability. When these coatings are linked with MOS2, they provide additional lubrication for threads and will allow for repeated make-up.

Multiple-coat systems can vary widely depending on customer specifications, the nature of the substrate and the intended use of the metal to be coated. A three-coating system popular in industrial areas utilizes inorganic zinc primer followed by an epoxy intermediate coat and a urethane top coat. This system protects against corrosive particulates released into the atmosphere by industrial sites and is commonly requested for parts used in the gulf coast area.

For technical advice and further questions about our liquid coating capabilities please do not hesitate to contact us.

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