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Powder Coating


Below is a short list of powder coatings offered by Superior Shot Peening. We regularly apply so many powder coatings that to compile the full list here would be nearly impossible. We can apply essentially any powder coating available on-site or in the field and have worked with powder coatings from virtually all powder coating manufacturers. We can recommend appropriate powder coatings for almost all industries including marine, aerospace, nuclear, agricultural, military and oil & gas. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about your particular application.

  • Silicone High Heat
  • Novolac
  • Zinc Filled Epoxy
  • TGIC Polyester
  • Urethane


Technical Information

Powder coatings are dry coatings that can be applied to the substrate without the need for a solvent or volatile carrier. Parts designated for coating are first cleaned. Carbon steel is abrasive-blasted to a white-metal finish, and aluminum parts are treated with a special cleansing wash. The pretreated parts are then sprayed with an electrostatically-charged powder, and cured in our batch ovens. The applications of powder coatings are countless, but include the coatings of pipe, fittings, autos, boats, signs, lawn furniture, BBQ pits, ovens, lighting and color-coded engine parts.

In recent years, powder coatings have become particularly popular because they release no volatile organic compounds. (Volatile organic compounds or VOCs are molecules regulated by the EPA and released into the atmosphere during the evaporation of a solvent during the curing process of liquid coatings.) The environmental friendliness of powder coatings, combined with their ever-evolving sophistication and versatility has made them an ideal coating choice for a growing number of industries.

Only a few years ago, powder coatings came in a very limited variety. Today, they can be found in almost any color, glossy or non-glossy, glittery or matte, textured or smooth. Superior Shot Peening has numerous stock colors to choose from on-site. Virtually any existing powder from any manufacturer can be ordered on demand.

Powder coatings can also be applied for a variety of desired physical characteristics such as corrosion control, aesthetics, electrical insulation, and flow enhancement. They can be designed to withstand high temperatures and highly alkaline solutions. This versatility of contemporary powder coatings has benefited everyone from motorcycle enthusiasts to industrial pipeline manufacturers.

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